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[Pinned] Quotes!!
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[Pinned] Quotes!!

"YES! There is still time." -Kinson
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Everything WoW

Feraphaliakinselukishot's Guild Application

This was a guild application from last April. It is such an interesting applicant that I thought I would copy/paste it here for everyone to see.______________________________Feraphaliakinselukishot's Guild ApplicationStatus: Accepted by Delphelia...
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Epic, You all MUST watch!
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O M G! is pure epicness!
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This is for Q...

Q, I know you love boobies and this is a EPIC combination of the 2. Just watch the whole thing but your favorite part will be from 1:27 - 1:30. Enjoy :) Also remember this is produced by it's legit.Jace Hall - I Play W.O.W Music ...
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WoW Parody Songs! :D

So, this podcast is awesome first of all...(Fera listens to it, and I have heard a few episodes myself)...but recently they added this awesome WoW parody songs page, and frankly, they are hilarious. So I think you should all go to this page and li...
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