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Alright, this is usually the first post I make any time I become slightly relevant in a guild. So I figure, to maybe renew interest in the website a bit I'll be posting my UI, how I use it, and some generally helpful macros.

That is my action bar. You may notice that, more or less, they're macros. They're also set up in a very important way that may not be immediately obvious.


Keys 1-6 and F1-F4 are all bound to my action bar, as well as T and my 2 mouse buttons. All of my spells are almost immediately castable at any time. There's some magic to this.

3 is my most used spell. Heal.
2 and 4 are my second most used spells.
1 and 5 are spells I occasionally use, or do not have to use often.
` is any skill I use even less, or a CD ability.
F1-4 are my dispels, or even less used spells.
T is my main used CD. In this case my Holy Word.
My mouse buttons are my oh shit buttons.

Shift is a modifier for every button, So the above criteria can work for all of them. Though I doubt anything you bind to shift will be used often.

It's pretty much based around 3 being the most used, and expanding outward, organized by usefulness.

This standardized system is the one I developed back in wrath, and I use it across all my characters now. It's extremely useful especially when used in conjunction with...


All of my spells are mouse over macros with a slight tweak.

We're all familiar with slash commands, macros are just a series of those. You can actually play the game by slash commands.

Without getting to technical, macros allow for a highly adaptable spell button, or allow you to be much more responsive in a situation. for example for heal it looks like this:

/target [target=mouseover]
/cast Heal

This means my current target will be changed to whatever my mouse is over, and Heal will cast. The reason for the /target is so if my mouse comes off my target, I can still cast heal on them, unless I mouse over something else. It also allows me to monitor them better, as it changes my target.

I use a different one for renew:

/cast [target=mouseover] Renew

This does not change my target at all, it just casts renew on whoever my mouse is over.

And things can get much more complicated from there. That just helps my overall responsiveness.

Here is the most complex macro I use:

/cast [nopet,harm][nopet,target=targettarget,harm][nopet,target=targettargettarget,harm]Shadowfiend
/petattack [harm][target=targettarget,harm]

What this does is sets my shadowfiend to cast as long as I have no pet out, and my target is harmful. If my target is not harmful, then my targets target must be harmful. This allows me to be targetting literally anyone in the raid, be it DPS or a healer, and my shadowfiend will always attack a hostile target.

If no one is targeting anything harmful, it does not cast.

It then tells my pet to attack, if the target is harmful, or my targets target is harmful.

Just two more!

#showtooltip Fade
/cast [button:1] Fade
/cast [button:2] Psychic Scream

This is my personal emergency button. I'll explain each line.

The show tooltip part is what the button will show me, the icon, the tooltip, even the CD. It's specified as fade right now, otherwise it...seemingly picks a spell at random. Should be the first spell in the macro, for this one it was Psychic scream.

Stopcasting is a command to do just what it says. If I'm casting a spell, I stop just so I can fade or scream and not die.

The button options are what buttons you press to activate which macro line. 1 is left mouse, 2 is right mouse, and there are others I can't recall right now.

And lastly

/target [target=mouseover]
/castsequence reset=1 Power Word: Shield, Guardian Spirit

This is the oh shit button...many people are, or will be familiar with.

Castsequence will cast a series of spells/skills in order, one every time you press the button. This one casts PW:Shield, and then Guardian Spirit. Reset is in seconds, so after one second it will reset back to PW:Shield.


There's also a space saver macro if you have more spells than you can handle. Something like:

/cast [mod:shift] Heal; Greater Heal

This will cast greater heal normally, but if you hold down shift it will cast heal. Mod is pretty nifty, you can use Shift, Alt, or Control. You can specify which one too, LShift is left shift, for example. You can also move it around.

/cast Heal; [mod:shift] Greater Heal

This will cast heal normally, Greater Heal when shift is held down.

You can chain all sorts of things together like this to create really amazing macros. The best part is most addons are just macros with a special UI, or just a raid warning, or something silly. This uses far less RAM, and is less annoying..

So, I hope this helps someone. I can probably answer any questions if you have them.
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