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By Selvera on Dec 07, 2009 at 12:48 AM
12-04-09 We two-healed the whole dang raid except for Anub, where we needed Kinson to rub up against us with a little shaman loving =) As always, optimized for your HD wide full-screen viewing pleasure. Song #1: [url=]CC Nightcore - Face The Future[/url] Song #2: [url=]CC Nightcore - Dans la Fantasie[/url]


Man that is SO sad to see me die from the flames, and then as soon as I rez, i get zapped by his chain lightning thing! >.<
Awesome music though, I love the french one :)
LOL, yep Tice as teeny as you are I can't miss seeing that short cute little pink pony-tailed chica standing toe to toe with Jeraxxus in melee range. hahaha it's hilarious.
Del, you probably know this already, but from watching the vid the first time you died you sacrificed yourself for Danger, thus saving the raid from a wipe. After popping back, the second death is of course was unavoidable and the bad luck that seems to happen often to healers in trouble..

Here is what happened on your first death. Danger was taking uber damage. My target was Fera, so I was helping with touchups on Danger, but I did not want to leave Fera unprotected by focusing on Danger too long. Danger was on the verge of death, and I imagine at that time you were casting like mad on him. I popped Guardian Spirit on him, which sacrificed itself for him, resetting his health to 50%. After GSing Danger, I went back to Fera and the raid figuring you could take it from there. On watching the vid, I see Danger's health begin to plummet back down after the GS sacrifice. Again you must have been casting like a crazy woman because his health leaped up again from quite low to almost full. It was at that moment that you got his health back up that you went down. Had you moved or self-healed to survive, Danger no doubt would have gone down. You totally saved the day! I assume then that you popped a SS, got insta-fried, and then Fera battle-rezzed you?

Anyway, awesome stuff! Love raiding on the brink and making it through!
Hehe yup, you summed it up beautifully Sel :P I know it looks like I am standing there like a first-time raider not knowing to MOVE OUT OF THE EFFING FIRE!!!....but I was doing that hoping I would be able to get Danger up high enough not to die and then still have enough time to move...but I was wrong QQ. Once I died, I popped an SS like you said and I WOULD have lived, if he hadn't cast his fel chain lightning thing as soon as I did. Fera then saved me again with his BS and we won! :D

So cool to watch it though :P So much tension!! :O

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