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By Selvera on May 11, 2010 at 11:54 AM
Woot, after struggling for a few weeks, we finally downed Sindra! This one dedicated to Super! 05/08/10 Music: + Moonlight Velocity - DJ CruelCore + Eurodancer - DJ Mangoo + You're Shining - Breeze & Styles (HTID Remix) As always, optimized for your HD wide full-screen viewing pleasure. This means you should double-click the video to launch it in YouTube, mouse-over the HD symbol and select 720, and then pop this puppy up to full screen =) Sorry Kinson, I wanted to get this done and shipped to YouTube ASAP, and so I have not [b]yet[/b] made the Eli-Kinny switch as yet... And, yeah I now see the typo! haha ...Perhaps if I feel up to it I will fix it and re-render and re-upload. We'll see =)


OMG SEL THIS IS AWESOME!!! :D I love it so much!!!!! You are the greatest wow-movie-maker everrrrrr!! This is my new fave :D
Great Job Sel!!! Love It!!!
Thanks so much guys. Definitely awesome to hear you guys like it and inspires me to make some more.

Just watched the vid again, and all I got to say is... Love You Guys! Go Us! Wahoo!

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