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By Selvera on May 20, 2010 at 03:40 PM
05/15/2010 With Fera sighing about holding up the raid, Del and Tiri chase eachother with zeppelins. Two points. First, guys next time I want to see at least double digits! Second, you ran in circles right before fighting Festergut? Isn't there like a 30 minute rule or something about running in circles or eating before fighting that spazztastic belly juice guy? Fun stuff! =) As always, optimized for your HD wide full-screen viewing pleasure. This means you should double-click the video to launch it in YouTube, mouse-over the HD symbol and select 720, and then pop this puppy up to full screen =)


You got it! I so wanna try and get like 20 at LEAST!!! :D Let's make a date Tiri and Sel!
We had SO many more than this during other attempts, honestly thought i was gona pull the boss in the 'Blast from the past" clip.
Haha yeah me too! God that was forever ago....thanks for making me all nostalgic! >.<

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